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Software Development

Maintaining over a hundred e-commerce websites, our Software Development team creates web marketing applications: Content Management Systems (CMS) for content writers and Server Management Systems (SMS) for server administrators. For site optimization purposes, this group is also responsible for creating need-specific applications like traffic metrics and web query ranking tools for our search engine specialists. Our pool of experienced programmers builds and continuously updates extensive catalogues conforming to international data management standards. With third party integration strategies, the interfaces we produce keep the business way ahead of its competitors.

Web Design

Hand in hand with the system frameworks managed by Software Development, our team of designers furnishes the graphical form of the company's websites, which are accessible to millions of customers all over the world. It is imperative for this design team, therefore, to stay versed with advanced web stylesheet and markup languages like CSS and XHTML. They help other groups, such as the email and affiliate departments, in realizing their creative visions. Through the strategic use of visual elements, our web designers facilitate a pleasant and conversion-driven user experience.

Web Analytics

Using today's most in demand site catalyst systems, our highly specialized Web Analytics professionals are able to comprehensively assess not only the traffic in our websites but also the effectiveness of our other web marketing schemes like product promotions through e-mail and collaborations with a network of affiliates. Thus, our Web Analytics Specialists, among the pioneers in the Philippines, are able to recommend strategies in providing more targeted site contents and in optimizing site usability. With extensive monitoring capabilities, our site optimization meters show how page browsers relate with our robust website systems. The data on web transactions, server performance, and submitted information are better utilized in creating the most gainful site pathways.