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Customer Contact Center

U.S. Auto Parts places great emphasis on its commitment to superior service and end customer satisfaction. The company relies on the Customer Service department to provide rapid, multi-channel support and sales assistance to the U.S. Auto Parts network of site's clients.

As a unit that deals with specialized customer needs, the Customer Service department fosters a culture of knowledge development & sharing as well as team work to ensure that every Customer Service Representative in the team is equipped with sufficient industry knowledge and adeptness to provide service that is at par with the company's high standards.

As a dedicated in-house resource, the company hones Customer Service Representatives through intensive product training sessions that allow them to succeed in performing their tasks way beyond what is expected from their counterparts in other BPO companies in the country.

A Customer Service Representative serves as the company's voice across all customer contact points and provides support through channels such as phone, live-chat and email.

Phone, Email and live-chat Customer representatives are expected to competently navigate the company's extensive catalog of over 500,000 SKU's and be able to process phone and chat orders as well as respond to customer inquiries and dispense first line technical support related to the company's products and services.